ionet and Quai Network Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Blockchain Capabilities for the Compute Economy
3 min readApr 24, 2024

-- has entered into a strategic partnership with Quai Network, a pioneering Layer-1 blockchain platform,creating money and financial infrastructure for the global and compute economies of the 21st century.

This partnership is set to substantially fortify blockchain infrastructure by utilizing’s decentralized GPU compute network to strengthen Quai Network’s innovative approach to decentralized computation and its unique two-token system.

“We’re thrilled to partner with and leverage their decentralized GPU network,” said Alan O, co-founder of Quai Network. “This collaboration will provide diverse computational resources necessary to secure our sharded architecture as we ramp up to Mainnet. We look forward to working closely with to improve blockchain infrastructure and help unlock the full potential of Web3 applications. and Quai Network are initiating a partnership to integrate’s GPU resources to facilitate the scaling of Quai Network from its testnet phase to mainnet. This partnership will concentrate on technical integration, where Quai Network aims to use’s decentralized GPUs to improve network performance and scalability, thereby supporting a broader array of use cases and enhancing network capacity. Additionally, the collaboration will involve developing a proof of concept to power Quai Network nodes using’s GPU clusters, which is anticipated to lead to more comprehensive integration efforts.

“We are excited about this partnership with Quai Network, as it aligns perfectly with our vision of powering the next generation of blockchain infrastructure,” stated Ahmad Shadid, CEO of “By providing our decentralized GPU resources, we are not just supporting Quai Network’s growth from testnet to mainnet, but also enhancing the overall resilience and scalability of blockchain technologies. This collaboration is a pivotal step towards realizing the immense potential of decentralized compute economies and Web3 ecosystems.”

The partnership between and Quai Network features a strategic roadmap with clearly defined phases. First phase involves deploying GPU clusters to support Quai Network’s nodes during its testnet phase. Subsequent phases will focus on expanding GPU support to fully power Quai Network’s transition to mainnet, aiming to increase the blockchain’s performance and scalability.

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Quai Network is crypto that connects reliable, real world value to the compute economy on the world’s only scalable Proof-of-Work smart contract network. Founded in 2022, Quai’s innovative two-token system and execution sharding capabilities pave the way for infinite scalability and accessibility in the Web3 ecosystem. For more information, visit

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About is a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) that deploys and manages on-demand, decentralized GPU clusters from geo-distributed sources. Hundreds of thousands of GPUs are accessible today in IO Network, and this Internet of GPUs is specifically architected for low latency, high processing demand use cases like AI/ML ops and cloud gaming. democratizes access to GPU compute capacity while reducing costs, expediting lead times, and expanding choice for engineers and businesses. Access compute capacity for a fraction of the cost or become a capacity supplier at

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-- is a decentralized computing network that aggregates GPUs from various sources, creating a decentralized physical infrastructure network.