Exabits and io.net Enter Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize the AI Compute Landscape

2 min readApr 16, 2024


Today io.net and Exabits have partnered to democratize access to high-performance GPU compute and accelerate innovation in AI. Both Exabits and io.net are leaders in decentralized AI and compute, and this collaboration enables both companies to further their mission to increase access to high-performance GPU compute to accelerate innovation for all AI builders.

Exabits, an infrastructure base layer, operates a decentralized network with a robust enterprise-grade GPU supply. The Exabit network offers high-performance H/A100s, RTX4090s, A6000s and is designed to provide AI platforms and developers worldwide with accelerated, ultra-available compute power. This foundation is critical in an era where AI and machine learning demand unprecedented computational resources across a growing scarcity crisis.

io.net is building the backbone of compute connectivity with a focus on serving AI/ML workloads, aggregating and clustering geo-distributed GPUs and CPUs in a “DePIN of DePINs,” and providing AI builders and researchers access to both capacity in it’s own first party network as well as capacity available in partner networks like Exabits. By connecting underutilized compute capacity across partner networks, independent data centers, crypto miners, and even consumer devices, io.net gives affordable, on demand access to over 850,000 GPUs and CPUs to everyone, , from independent developers to large-scale enterprises.

A Synergistic Partnership
Through this partnership, Exabits will integrate its acceleration and stabilization middleware with io.net’s extensive network, enhancing the power and efficiency of the connected GPUs. Exabits deep inventory of enterprise-grade GPU machines will supercharge io.net’s network, enabling even more access to AI ready compute.

Accelerating AI

io.net and Exabits believe that the success of the decentralized compute industry and the intersection of Web 3 and AI will only be successful through close collaboration of early industry leaders. The vision for decentralized compute is to provide an open, accessible, and affordable alternative to centralized cloud providers, and tackling the incumbent giants in cloud requires that today’s innovators work together to support and learn from each other in order to legitimize the industry for the broader tech community. .

With the ever-growing demand for computational power, it is crucial that supply channels expand to become universally accessible. Exabits and io.net are committed to making this vision a reality, and are partnering to make AI compute more accessible.

About io.net

io.net is a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) that deploys and manages on-demand, decentralized GPU clusters from geo-distributed sources. Hundreds of thousands of GPUs are accessible today in IO Network, and this Internet of GPUs is specifically architected for low latency, high processing demand use cases like AI/ML ops and cloud gaming. io.net democratizes access to GPU compute capacity while reducing costs, expediting lead times, and expanding choice for engineers and businesses. Access compute capacity for a fraction of the cost or become a capacity supplier at io.net .

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io.net is a decentralized computing network that aggregates GPUs from various sources, creating a decentralized physical infrastructure network.