Announcing’s Ignition Program

A Community Reward Program to Accelerate The Internet of GPUs
2 min readFeb 28, 2024


Today we’re excited to unveil Ignition, the first phase of’s community rewards program aimed at accelerating the growth of Cloud and the IO Network.

The Ignition program incentivizes and rewards IO Network suppliers in the and also provides rewards for community members. To be eligible for community rewards, program participants must also follow on Twitter and be a member of’s Discord server.

The Ignition program rewards supplying GPUs to the network. A number of factors are considered in the rewards algorithm, including job hours completed, the node’s bandwidth, GPU model, and uptime. The program will also take into consideration GPU supplier activity dating back to the launch of in November 2023.

Community members and project supporters can also earn rewards by participating in the program. Community quests, hosted by Galxe, will launch on March 1st and run through April 28th.The quests will include daily and weekly opportunities to earn points. We encourage participants to follow on Galxe and check the Ignition Program campaign regularly for new opportunities. Community members should also be active in Discord where specific roles are also eligible for Ignition rewards.

What is IO Network?

IO Network is a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) that aggregates underutilized GPU resources into scalable virtual clusters for AI and ML companies. Cloud gives AI developers the ability to spin up and instantly deploy price-competitive GPU Clusters, complete with robust controls over cluster type, including host, location, GPU types, security level, and other specifications. IO Network, which is deployed on Solana, uses the network to facilitate jobs and payments, and to prove compute integrity (i.e., Proof-of-Compute).

The Path to Decentralization was one of the winners of the Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon in 2023 and after launching Cloud at Breakpoint in October later that year, has since become one of the fastest growing, most anticipated DePIN projects in the space.

The project’s goal is to build an “Internet of GPUs” in order to make the power of AI accessible to anyone in the world. The demand for GPU compute capacity for AI applications is already more than 2.5x the capacity that exists in traditional cloud services like AWS and Azure, and costs and access are only getting harder and higher. As a community, IO Network can solve this problem by expanding access to underutilized resources that otherwise would remain unuseable.

Ignition is the first step in IO’s mission to decentralize the IO Network and transition governance to the community.

Join our community and help us build The Internet of GPUs. Access compute capacity for a fraction of the cost or become a capacity supplier at

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-- is a decentralized computing network that aggregates GPUs from various sources, creating a decentralized physical infrastructure network.